The Chicago Movers Company Blog

When it comes to moving in the windy city it is apparent that you have to look out for rainy, snowy, hot and muggy weather at any given notice when dealing with Chicago Weather. When it comes to your Chicago moving company you need to treat your movers right as well as your customers. Make sure your Chicago Movers stay hydrated with water when moving apartments, homes, and offices within the city. The reason to stay hydrated in Chicago is to make sure that nobody passes out from working too hard or getting a heat stroke. The next most important thing is to make sure your movers wrap up the furniture and couches to make sure there are no scratches that may happen and that will end up with an upset customer. Tip #3 is to ensure you protect the doors, floors, and walkways to ensure that there is enough space in a protected environment for movers to use the dolly or heavy carry obese furniture like couches or big bedframes that do not fully collapse. Tip #4 , on almost every move, be sure that your movers have the right amount of tools necessary to take apart bedframes and desks, and tables because if you show up without tools, then there will be no way of moving big items out the doors without disassembling. Never rely on customers to supply the tools during your moves. Be on the lookout for my next blog about how to protect doors, walkways, and floors for your next move in Chicago. Hope you enjoy my new blog!!